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April Dog Team Picnics and Overnight Camp-outs


Half Day Dog Team Picnics

April is a beautiful month for spring dog team picnics and overnight dog team camp-outs on Lake Laberge.

Dog team picnics begin with basic instruction on how to drive your team. We then head out on the lake for a gorgeous run in the spring sun, stopping part way for a campfire picnic. We toast smokies over the fire, and have hot chocolate or hot apple cider while exchanging stories around the campfire. There is time for visiting with the dogs or climbing a hill for a wider view from up high before getting back on the sleds for the mush back.

Meet at Lake Laberge.

Half-Day Dog Team Picnic Prices: $165/person + 5% tax. Minimum 2 people.

Overnight Dog Team Camp-Outs

Overnight Dog Team Camp-Outs are a great way to enjoy the spring weather and a taste of dog sledding at the same time. Meet at Lake Laberge. After instruction on driving the sled and team, we head out with the dog teams. We will stop for a picnic lunch and to water the dogs.

In late afternoon, we stop to make camp. Our accommodation for the night will be a wall tent or Arctic Oven tent, heated by wood stove. Camp chores include settling the dogs, putting up our tent, collecting firewood, and building a campfire so we can cook our supper and melt snow for water for dogs and people. After feeding dogs and people, sit around the campfire to watch for Northern lights or enjoy the stars.

After a night in the tent heated by a cozy fire, we begin getting dogs and people ready for the day. Our mush back includes more spectacular Lake Laberge scenery and a picnic lunch.

April Overnight Camp-Out Prices: One person: $560/person + 5% tax. 2 person price: $499/person + 5% tax

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