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Gardening, Plants, Flowers - Aug. 11, 2012 - by Mar


Organic gardening is something we have always practiced. This year the garden area is quite small. The garden soil is resting and awaiting an application of the renewable resource from the horse corral.

I winter over lots of geraniums of several colours. For the last number of years, no plants are purchased - everything is started from seed. A recent gift of several rambling petunias has added to the display this year. The greenhouse roof has been replaced and next year the greenhouse should be ready for plants.

Last year's container gardening was tomatoes and scarlet runner beans. This year - rhubarb swiss chard, carrots, and peas. Peas had a rough start as mice and voles kept eating through the stems - remedy: tomato cage surrounded by red plastic with water channels.

Am I smarter than a dog?

The dogs love to lie in freshly planted soil. If there are flowers that are in bloom and recently watered - wonderful. Solution: hanging baskets, window boxes, lots of containers.
Note to self: Place containers close together so dogs don't run between. Block off areas so dogs don't "water" plants. Keep garden blocked off and gate closed.

Am I smarter than a horse?

Discovery: Horses have a neck like an accordion. Reaching the porch wall of the big guest cabin is easy.
Their goal: empty flower containers and eat some plants. They have figured out how to make hanging baskets swing and successfully empty out plants and soil. They love geranium flowers - will nip a flower off the plant and spit the flower out. Favourite flowers to eat: bachelor's buttons, calendula, and alyssum.
Solution: Block off decks at house. Keep flowers away from the edge. Forget flowers at guest cabins and outhouses.

Am I smarter than a cat?

Give up on
his window box as far as flowers, creeping thyme, and cat grass. (He ate it all.) Planted catnip is only successful on the side of the window box the cat doesn't lie on.

Am I smarter than mice, voles, and squirrels?

Absolutely not.

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