Cathers Wilderness Adventures

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Come home to the wilderness.....

Have you ever stood under a clear night sky, gazing up at the Northern lights as they danced across a backdrop of stars? Have you ever driven a team of Alaskan huskies through a snow-blanketed forest? Or in summer, crested a hill, and seen a panorama of lakes set like jewles in the deep green tapestry below you and your pack dog companions? Have you felt the water ripple off your paddle as your canoe glides down a wilderness river? Or leaned back and relaxed as your boat drifts the same waters the Klondike gold seekers rushed down in 1898? Isn't it about time?

Cathers Wilderness Adventures is a family business which we (the Cathers Family) run from our year-round wilderness home on the secluded east shore of Lake Laberge in the Yukon.

After over 35 years of living year-round in the Yukon wilderness and more than 40 years of guiding wilderness trips, we have traveled thousands of miles in the Yukon wilderness by foot, dog sled, canoe, boat, and snowmobile; camping, guiding, long distance sled dog racing, and hauling supplies to our wilderness home.

Our tours are non-smoking and include:

Dog Sled Trips
Canoe Trips on the Yukon River
Hiking and Backpacking with Pack Dogs
Boat Trips on Lake Laberge and Yukon River

All trips are personally guided by our family.

We donít just visit the wilderness Ė we live here.

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