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About Us

About Us

Over 30 Years Experience:

Our family started guiding canoe trips in 1975 in northern Ontario and the Yukon. In 1983, with 12 sled dogs, we moved to a cabin on Lake Laberge in the Yukon, which is still the site of our present operations. It is 5 1/2 miles across Lake Laberge to the nearest road and the nearest neighbours. Supplies are hauled in by boat in summer and by dog team or snow machine in winter.

At Lake Laberge, we continued guiding canoe trips and, in 1985, we began guiding dog sled trips
as well.

At that time, the old trail of the 1000-mile long Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race went down Lake Laberge. We got interested in the race and, in 1988, Ned ran the race, completing the trip with all 12 dogs that he started with. In 1989, Jeninne decided to run the race, too, becoming at age 18, the youngest person to ever finish the Yukon Quest. Over the next years, Ned ran in the Yukon Quest a total of 10 times, and Jeninne a total of 6 times. In 1997, Ned received the Vet's Choice Award for the best dog care. By 1999, we decided to stop racing and focus our winters on our dog sled tours.

In the meantime, in the early 1990's, we added two new kinds of summer tours, besides the canoe trips. Hiking and backpacking with pack dogs started as an activity to do with the dogs in the summer months. We found that the dogs really enjoyed the variety and that guests enjoyed travelling with the dogs in summer, too. We also began offering boat trips on Lake Laberge and the Yukon River. The idea behind that was so that guests who loved wilderness and Klondike Gold Rush history could get out and enjoy the river by boat even if they didn't feel they could paddle it by canoe (either for physical reasons or lack of time.)

Here and Now:

Our original cabin has now grown into our main house and we have added 3 cabins for our guests. We made the decision to remain a small family company and to personally guide our own trips as we like to get to know our guests. For trips with the dogs, we also like to be personally there so we know how each dog is doing. Most of our dogs have been raised by us since puppihood and we like to work with them throughout their lives.

We still love showing our guests the beauty of the Yukon, either by water, by dog team, or on foot. The wilderness is where we live. It is our goal to help you feel comfortable and at home travelling through the wilderness with us, whether in summer or winter.

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